The "Catch A Rae" 5K Walk/Run at Red Hook High School SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH 2010 is named for Alexandra Rae Gravino, who passed away in March 2008.

Alexandra Rae Gravino

Remembering the life of Red Hook High School Student Alexandra Rae Gravino, who passed away this March 2008, local teacher and artist Alison MacFarlane said she was "absolutely the most wonderful child - think of a child who's always happy and always says Thank You -- never has a negative thing to say about anyone." 

Her mother Jodi would often tell her "You're my Rae of sunshine," after her middle name and in recognition of her always bright and positive demeanor.

She was also a talented artist herself, said MacFarlane, even though she didn't publicize it, with much of her work only now becoming available to the public. "Alex was an amazing artist - I had no idea how talented she was," MarFarlane said.

Alexandra Rae Gravino was born at 4:54 am on February 18, 1993 weighing 9 lbs!! She was a bright little girl reciting favorite clips of movies and books at the age of 4 years old! Through elementary school and middle school she excelled at arts, music, and athletics. She was a peer mediator; and fittingly so for friendships were very important to her. She treasured her friends and was known as quite a social butterfly. Academics were important as well and she had enthusiasm regarding school; while most always led her on the honor role. She was a very artistic girl who expressed herself through drawing but also a sensitive soul with a smile always on her face and a kind word always on her lips. She was her family's pride & joy and adored them will all of her heart --especially for her “Nonnie and Poppi” whom she was closest. 

Alex loved God and saw she wanted something special for her life. She was looking for goals to fulfill and wanted to be inspired. One of her favorite songs was by the Beatles entitled ‘Let It Be’ and let it be we must. 

Alex lost her life on Earth on March 1st, 2008, but began her external life in Heaven the very same day. She would want us to smile, to laugh, and to be kind to others.

Alex's MySpace description of herself is another example of what a sensitive and compassionate person she was. She writes "It’s really hard to think of what to write, when trying to describe yourself as quickly as possible in a short little paragraph. I'd rather you talk to me and try to figure me out yourself. I really love talking to people. I try to think of myself as someone who connects with people easily. Getting your haircut is the best thing, other than eating. I have a few best friends. They make my days so worth living. Sometimes when I laugh, I laugh so hard no sounds come out, or sometimes I snort, but not on purpose. I wish for something and someone so special. If you want to know more, talk to me. As an individual, I'd probably love to talk to you, and chances are you'll love me."